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Meet Angelina

Angelina Pennell, Env Sc, CHN, is the Abstinence Coach inside The Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ program. She is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Recovery Facilitator, and the creator of The Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ program. 

She has earned an honors diploma in Natural Nutrition and a honors diploma in Environmental Sciences. This combination is incredibly valuable because as an effective researcher, Angelina thinks holistically, pulling perspectives from a variety of areas of expertise.  

Angelina is passionate about removing the stigma and embarrassment around alcohol misuse through educating women in the science of alcohol's effect on the body and the power of nutrition to protect and restore the brain creating the foundation to ending the desire and reliance on alcohol. Through her intuitive coaching style she provides evidenced-based nutrition protocols, cognitive behaviour therapy trainings and mindset strategies that help create the physical, mental and emotional shifts that transition women to an alcohol-free life they absolutely love living. 

She is enthusiastically curious about the benefits nutrition can have in alcohol use disorder and enjoys staying up to date on related topics in scientific journals including those published through The Research Society on Alcoholism, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly and more.

Angelina has established a track record of over-delivering exceeding her clients expectations and a strong commitment to lifting women up to reach their highest potential and greatest success. 

Meet Sue

Sue Wammes, BA Kin, PT is the Fitness Coach inside The Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ program. Sue is a certified Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Fitness Specialist. She has her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and she is a certified Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor and Physical Trainer. 

Sue has extensive experience in leading both group and individual fitness programs in online classes. Sue has curated our fitness program to amplify neuron growth, increase positivity-reinforcing neurochemicals and clear out biochemicals that trap stress, anxiousness and low moods attributed to alcohol use disorder. 

Sue coaches with immense compassion, understanding and encouragement for our clients. She has created our fitness program with the specific needs and abilities of women who have struggled with low energy, lack of motivation and difficulty starting and sticking to movement routines in the past. Sue provides support and shares strategies that help women create sustainable movement routines that are foundational to their abstinence. 

Meet Margaret

Margaret, MSW, RSW is a Holistic Counsellor inside the Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ program.  She has extensive experience working with women emotional therapy groups, domestic help services, and focuses her work on mindfulness and self-compassion techniques.

Margaret works with women in the program to help navigate what can feel like insurmountable challenges. Together, she helps women work on addressing the issues at the root of their emotional challenges to discover the solutions that already lie within. She believes that each woman is the author of their own story, and her hope is to facilitate their process of getting to the heart of the matter so they can rewrite their story and discover a sense of purpose while savouring inner peace and joy.

Margaret believes that by providing a space of safety and comfort within a supportive therapeutic relationship through group work, women are able to foster meaningful long-term change.

Meet Ariel 

Ariel Learoyd, BA, RSW is a Holistic Counsellor inside the Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ program. Ariel is a Registered Social Worker and has a Bachelor’s in Anthropology. She's also a Reiki Master/Instructor and is very passionate and knowledgeable about astrology. She is also trained in The Wisdom of Trauma through Dr. Gabor Mate. 

With a breadth of expertise in providing counselling, psychoeducation and spiritual guidance around difficult subject matter, Ariel works with women inside the program to provide invaluable support in understanding their inner selves and tapping into their intuition as they move through their personal transformation of self-discovery.

Ariel has extensive experience in leading group discussions through her experience as an instructor of the Body-Mind-Spirit classes at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition since 2008, as a Bereavement Counsellor at a hospice, as Program Facilitator at Wellsprings Calgary cancer support charity program as well as her energy and astrology groups. 

Meet David

David Manning, ND, NHP is clinically trained as a Naturopathic Doctor from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. He practiced as a licensed ND for 13 years in several multidisciplinary clinics in Ontario and Alberta. Today David is a registered Natural Health Practitioner in Ontario helping individuals to find physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health & happiness.

David was an instructor for 10 years at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Calgary, Alberta and has extensive experience supporting certified nutrition practitioners with their client's needs. 

As an independent consultant to our team, David's enthusiastic passion and his breadth and depth of knowledge in areas of women's health including excessive alcohol intake, menopause, mood disorders, eating disorders, stress management, digestive disorders and cancer help us provide our clients with specialized support when needed. 

Would you like to have the help of our knowledgeable and supportive team inside The Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ program on your way back to energy, health and self-love?

If so, then book a complimentary call! I can't wait to speak with you and answer all your questions. 

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