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"My goal [before starting the program] was to be where I was many years ago where alcohol could be a "take it or leave it" kind of thing in my life. That I didn't have it controlling my life or it controlling me. That I had control over it...  

NOTE: To protect the privacy of our clients all of their first names are changed to 'Jane' and their last name is abbreviated. If you would like more information about what we do to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of our clients connect with us through the Contact link above.

...Now I'm in the driver's seat instead of alcohol. Before it was sort of in the passenger seat, then it was in the back seat. And now I have kicked it out of the car and I am long gone...You don't even think that is possible before starting this [program]...It's pretty awesome. I wish everyone could know, it IS POSSIBLE!!!"
~ ‘Jane’ B. Ontario, Canada

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“I went to a weekend-long music festival, and I didn't drink. I’m so proud. And then I had my best girlfriend over for the weekend, and I poured wine for her and I didn’t pour one for myself. This time it was even easier. Then this past long weekend I went to a backyard BBQ and everyone was drinking and I didn’t. I didn’t feel sorry for myself. I didn’t feel anything. 

I just felt like it was normal [giggle] IT’S WORKING!

I have gone through travelling, restaurants, anniversaries, bad days at work, and stressful situations, quite a bit. And I don’t mind that I’m doing the program at my pace because it gives me more time living my life this way so it becomes more natural for me to live my life this way.” 

~ ‘Jane’ B. Ontario, Canada

“Honestly have no words to explain how incredibly relatible, intuitive, informative and just soul touching this is. You really do break it down, understand and give doable ways to change. I cannot express enough how this makes me feel and positively impacts me. Thank you so much for what you are providing.

You are incredible, AA and RR can't even compete.

The program is absolutely one-on-one in so many ways. Angelina is kind, understanding, respectful and does genuinely want to help. I highly recommend the program. From my heart I promise this is the truth. The women in this program who are in this situation support you and you totally feel supported, understood and not alone.”

~ ‘Jane’ ​J. British Columbia, Canada
"Your program was super helpful in helping me put down the bottle to cope and start making life choices that make me happy. I wake up eager for each day now, rather than dreading the day ahead. My family has noticed a big change. 

 My kids are around me a lot more. I am able now to have a social beer and be done. No longer boxes of wine putting me into a coma or a rage. Thank you so much!”
. . . 
"It's been a great year! Finally opened the restaurant! Busy as ever!!! Yes, my alcohol consumption has remained at a level I feel good about. I am doing very well!

~ ‘Jane’ S. Ontario, Canada

"I feel better, I don’t feel as lazy or tired anymore. I was feeling really low before the program and that has gone away. I don’t feel like I’m down in the dumps anymore. I’ve started taking part in a spiritual practice again and that has improved my mental health and feelings of gratitude.

I’m no longer interested in alcohol. I was kind of surprised. I never realized before this program how much alcohol was affecting my body."

~ ‘Jane’ C. Pennsylvania, United States
"I have been feeling great! Some changes I’ve experienced are clear mind, able to manage stressful times better. I am sleeping better. I can focus, it’s amazing I didn’t realize how much drinking was fogging my head!"

~'Jane' G. Ontario, Canada
“I have to say I’m so amazed at how quickly I felt so much better, because my anxiety had been with me for years.”

“I really enjoyed the weekly call and hearing other people’s stories. Made me feel like a part of things instead of doing this all alone.”

~ ‘Jane’ P. British Columbia, Canada
“I met a friend for lunch this week. Typically we would have had shared wine together. She ordered an alcoholic drink and it didn’t bother me. I had switched into that gear that I wasn't feeling deprived. I didn’t crave it, I wasn’t missing it, tempted or longing for it.”

~ ‘Jane’ C. Pennsylvania, United States
“After following your plan for two weeks I experienced so much clarity and felt so much better I knew I was on the right track. My kids are 7 and 11 yo. Before the program, the 11-year-old noticed I wasn’t being a good mommy. Now they notice I’m calmer and they are too.”

~ ‘Jane’ D. Manitoba, Canada
“I’m seeing the light at the other side of the tunnel. My stress levels must be at an all-time low as I’m really not bothered with the politics and bad vibes at my workplace whereas other staff are really concerned.

People at work say that I have changed quit a lot, that I’m not so stressed or moaning about work and that I seem a lot happier and brighter. So I know it’s working.

I don’t have thoughts about alcohol. There has been a bottle at my partner's house that has sat there since Christmas, and it's still full. Take it or leave it; I don’t need it. My partner likes it because I’m more ‘with it’, and not ‘dizzy’.

 Plus this morning I bumped into my ex-husband and for the first time, we had a relaxed stress-free conversation. I never thought I’d be doing that 6 months ago."

〜 ‘Jane’ T. Norfolk, England
“Thank you so much. We are so thrilled that I’m doing this and I’m really proud of myself. Like I am REALLY proud. I feel so blessed. 

I feel that everything that used to seem so overwhelming whether it be work, something with my son or even being sick just feels so different. I feel like I am feeling how to be me. It is a great feeling."
. . . 
"Last Friday, was one year alcohol free. I'm beyond proud of myself and grateful for all those who have helped me and walked with me through this journey and continue to. I want to thank you for walking by my side for a good portion of it. I will always be grateful!"

~ ‘Jane’ C. Massachusetts, United States
“I feel amazing and even though we have gone through some really difficult times at work I just feel anchored like I am who I thought I was, who I should be.”

~'Jane' B. Manitoba, Canada
“You have a well-designed program. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I think you have pulled together exactly what I needed to get on track. Your content is fabulous.”

~ ‘Jane’ C. Pennsylvania, United States

“I had tried many things. I tried doing it on my own... I had tried other programs including rehab. Although I had learned from those programs...it never stuck. So I would always go back to...our regular pattern of drinking a bottle of wine a night... 

...The one-to-one calls were really helpful to hone in on the more personal things I needed to be looking at and how to tweak the program... I don't crave alcohol anymore. I don't want to drink at ALL... It really does feel anchored this time around which it never has ever before. It's nice to not struggle with it anymore.”
~ ‘Jane’ L. Ontario, Canada

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"Before starting the program I was ready to drink all the time any day. This week I’m telling you I’m like a rockstar; this has been the week that has turned everything around for me. 

Sleep is returning to normal. I’m one happy mama. I have been getting up and this morning I was out biking by 10 am and I did some mindful reading, and I am feeling pretty good. I almost feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop! 

I’m surprisingly having a really easy time with this. I haven’t thought about drinking; I haven’t had a drink. I went to the restaurant for dinner last Sunday and wasn't bugging me at all, which is really weird. Because for me the cues would trigger me until I caved and now nothing is bothering me.

I made a joke at the restaurant, just to see their reaction and I said “Well maybe a glass of wine wouldn’t be so bad”. My husband looked at me, and he didn’t say “yes”, and he didn’t say “no”, he just looked at me with his guard up. 

And my 15-year-old said “No way, mom, no way you’re doing so good,” and so that is when I realized, even though I didn’t think it was impacting my kids. It was eye-opening, and I’m seeing that everyone is happier, including myself. And it’s nice to know that everyone is pleased with the outcome."

~ ‘Jane’ F. Ontario, Canada
“I don’t know what I was expecting before starting the program. I took a gamble. I had to do something. I would say it panned out more than what I was expecting. Not only was I successful, but I feel so stable in my decisions, and we have grown so much that it’s easy to forget what it was like before the program. 

The program wasn’t complicated, and once I dove in and allowed myself not to do it perfectly, I benefited from every single thing that I did do. It accumulated. And the outcome of not craving alcohol and building a better life built on my happiness and gave me more motivation. I was just thinking about how tired I was before starting, whereas now I’m not tired at all.

Because Angelina was so relaxed about how I was held accountable and that it was ok that I did it my way. I found that freeing to participate and do what I needed to and be guided through the process without having to do things by the letter. 

What Angelina is doing is absolutely phenomenal. I am going to tell anyone and everyone I can about this program. I have already told my doctor and my psychologist because it really is something different from what is commonly out there. It's empowering, and I don’t want to say it's easy, but with Angelina’s team and Angelina and the accountability, the positive energy and the none judgement and how it's all laid out. Angelina has a real treasure in this program.”

~ ‘Jane’ ​L. Ontario, Canada
"I’m in a much better mood. Internally I feel more at peace, I feel calmer internally. I have always portrayed being very calm, I was really good at it. But internally I was not that way. Now I feel this calm inside of me, this capability of relaxing.

Sleeping through the night!! Unbelievable! I have no issues falling asleep. I wake up when my alarm goes off, sometimes even a few minutes before. I feel rested. I just generally have this feeling of good, happy, a feeling of liberty. I feel liberated."

~ ‘Jane’ M. Quebec, Canada
“I feel really good about how I am progressing through the program and I’m so thankful to have found this program. It just been a great experience. This program is definitely carrying me and I can see it lasting beyond the program, so I am very very thankful.

The thoughts of wine will pop up here and there but it’s just a brief thought that I don’t give much attention to. There’s no craving or desire there. It’s very freeing actually. It feels nice to know that I can show up for myself. The accountability and all of it has helped so much, it has been great. I’m feeling very thankful.”

~ ‘Jane’ ​L. Ontario, Canada
“I haven't had any anxiety symptoms since Wednesday the 7th. My brain fog lifted on Friday the 9th. Rather suddenly I might add. Just all of a sudden I had clear thoughts and purpose. 

 Sleep has been amazing. Basically a textbook 11-7 for me with no alarms. This hasn't happened before in my life.”

~ ‘Jane’ S. Ontario, Canada
"I haven’t even thought about drinking not even once. I haven’t had any desire at all and my body isn’t quite as tight or sore. I have to say this is such a well thought out program. 

I've had similar bits and pieces from different herbalists, iridologist, nutritionist and naturopaths over my lifetime, but the pieces weren’t sustainable. I didn’t get the results I wanted and it stressed me out. Your program is comprehensive. I'm quite enjoying it and I really appreciate your help.”

~ 'Jane' B. Alberta, Canada
“Honestly, I have done a lot of other courses, for things like weight loss and thyroid, I haven’t seen one as in-depth or as thorough. You just cover everything. 

The fact that you have all these meal plans and the information is there, you really know your stuff and it shows. Anything that is ever brought up you know the nutrients or the supplements and what is going to help and not just what helps but also why it helps. I just wanted to say thank you, it is a super course.”

~ ‘Jane’ W. Ontario, Canada
“I haven’t had any alcohol. I haven’t even wanted to have any at all. I’m feeling better without it and I don’t like the taste of it anymore.

Emotionally, I am able to deal with things better than I could when I was having alcohol. Recently there was a situation that became a ‘thing’ and normally in that type of that situation, the first thing I would have done was go and get some wine. But this time I didn’t even want to.”

~ ‘Jane’ K. Northwest Territories, Canada
“The Anchored Abstinence Recipe program is well planned out and easy to follow. I was very satisfied with the support and would definitely recommend it to others.”

— ‘Jane’ H., Pennsylvania, United States
“The meal plans are great. I just follow it, there's no thinking about planning etc. I love the photos and the overview and the grocery list. It really takes the guesswork out of everything which makes me feel like it’s not overwhelming.”

— ‘Jane’ ​D​. Manitoba, Canada
“I’m honestly surprised. Knowing how much I used to enjoy my glasses of wine and knowing it had gotten to be a real habit. It was part of going through the motions of the day. Now it’s no longer at the forefront of my mind. I’m not looking at the clock to see if it’s time to pour a glass of wine. I don’t plan my days around being able to go to the liquor store without having to drive afterwards.

My greatest encouragement is how I feel every morning when I awake—rested, fresh and no fogginess, alert and present. It feels wonderful actually.

I can come across something that happens differently now almost on a daily basis...whether its a thought, something I said or didn't say or an action. And each time I am thankful for this program with Angelina, her team and all the members that has allowed me to find myself again."

~ ‘Jane’ O. Quebec, Canada

Imagine Your Experience 


~ ‘Jane’  Planet Earth

“My only reservation [in starting the program] was that I was afraid to fail...and I remember saying that to you [on our Self-Reliance Strategy Session]… because I don’t like to fail at things... I didn’t want to start and not succeed...

... I rediscovered myself…I had lost myself and I found myself with this program.”
~ ‘Jane’ M. Quebec, Canada

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