The Anchored Abstinence Recipe

Holistic integrated functional approach to anchored alcohol abstinence for private, high-functioning women who want to ditch the end-of-day drinks so they can feel grounded, connected and get back to truly enjoying their life!

Today more than ever!

It is challenging for high-functioning career women to rebound from the stress of their workday with a calm mind and the energy to enjoy their life at home or an evening out in a way they can feel REALLY good about.  

Many women have found themselves stuck in the nightly routine of glass after glass of wine or cocktails to relax, quiet the chaos of the daily grind and demanding workloads, tune out the stressors of family life or chase away loneliness or boredom.

Whether you're having three, four, five or more glasses in an evening or if you've been going back and forth from refraining to bingeing, if you have landed here chances are you're curious about how a holistic nutrition approach can help you take the wine or cocktails out of your diet and keep them from finding their way back in.

“I remember when I first spoke to you 
I didn’t know if I could do it. I was so afraid of failing. 
Now I don’t feel that I will ever go back.”

〜 ‘Jane’ M. Quebec, Canada

That's why we're SO glad you here! 

Because with the right holistic plan you can stop that cycle and get back to living your life in a way that feels authentically you.

The Anchored Abstinence Recipe™️ is a whole mind and body holistic program that will enable you to eliminate your evening wine or cocktails in a way that won't leave you feeling exposed, vulnerable or fearing you'll slip back into your old routines.

This comprehensive nutrition, mindset and movement approach uses science-based protocols that dismantle the habitual pattern of nightly wine or cocktails in easy-to-understand and execute modules. With a truly whole body and mind experience that includes nutritional protocols, psychoeducation trainings, and movement practices. Along with meaningful support and accountability from our team of coaches and counsellors, you'll feel confident and comfortable in an environment that holds you to your highest values and goals. So you can break out of your nightly habit in a completely private and exclusive program and maintain your healthy choices well beyond. 

Are you ready to end the nightly wine or cocktails cycle and experience natural joy, emotional stability, a sharper memory, energy that lasts well into your evening, increased motivation and interest, less anxiousness and much more confidence all in a mind and body you love? 

Would you like to authentically enjoy your mornings, career, home life, and evenings again?

If your answer is YES, you’re in the right place. Let's see if we can help you live your best life. 
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Hi! I'm Angelina

"I'm passionate about removing the stigma and embarrassment around excessive alcohol consumption by educating women on the science behind the creation of alcohol dependency in the body. When I share my research and insights into the development of the habit and the power of the right nutrition and practices to reverse the dependency and restore the body, it gives women the ability to let go of the guilt, regain their health, discover their true selves again and close that chapter in their lives once and for all."

If this knowledge interest you, I can't wait to speak with you!

Angelina Pennell
How do we know this program will work for you?
The simple answer is this program is unlike anything you have ever tried.

Using our whole mind and body holistic approach, you will not only change your philosophy and psychology—your beliefs around alcohol created from the customs you were raised around, your perceptions of societal norms, and your learned alcohol consumption patterns; but in The Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ program we go much further by changing your physiology—your physical brain and body. 

Because, let's face it. If all of the journaling prompts, daily reflections, discussions about your beliefs around alcohol or any other forms of "talk therapy" approaches you've tried to change your 'mindset' around wine or cocktails up until now haven't worked it is because they're simply not enough to effectively correct the biochemistry of your brain. It is the alcohol-induced dysregulation of the biochemistry of your brain that is keeping you stuck in the nightly loop!

Your success, whether you choose complete abstinence or moderation, lies in simultaneously addressing these three critical areas of your health and wellbeing, so the shifts you make, and the gains you acquire create enduring momentum and lasting results that prevent your brain from sliding back into old unhealthy biochemically-driven patterns.

You can't "willpower" yourself out of this cycle. By simply focusing on "changing your relationship with alcohol"—an oxymoron, in my opinion, you're trying to fix the problem through language (i.e. speaking, listening and writing) a singular modality aimed primarily at your emotional mind. With that narrow approach, you neglect to address your physical mind—your biochemical brain.

Trying to "will" your mind to simply ignore the neurochemical messaging resulting from the biophysical conditioning, imbalances and deficiencies throughout your brain and body that are at the root of the issue and creating your thoughts of alcohol consumption only leads to disappointment.  In order to rewire the neuropathways in your brain, you need to change the wiring with the correct biochemical building blocks and resources your brain needs. 

Ignoring your body's physiology that is driving the cyclic patterns and cueing the nightly wine or cocktails is about as effective as ignoring an elephant in a room. An elephant that is rather persistent and not going anywhere by simply being spoken, written or listened to.    

So what imbalances and deficiencies are at the root of what is keeping you stuck?

  • preexisting biochemical imbalances of neurohormones, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and much more that contributed to your initial susceptibility to developing the nightly habit including things like, genetic predispositions, periods of low moods, anxiousness, stress burnout or eating disorders;
  • biochemical dysregulation brought on by regular and prolonged consumption of wine or cocktails that work in a cyclic pattern in the body—it's no accident you start thinking about having a glass at nearly the same time every day; and
  • ​biochemical "gaps" that remain when you have tried to take the wine or cocktails out of your diet in the past. Gaps that when left unaddressed work against you and cue your brain to reintroduce the wine or cocktails. This is commonly referred to as that "little devil" or your "5 o'clock brain" telling you, "go ahead you deserve that glass". 
Using our whole mind and body approach in The Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ to resolve these imbalances, dysregulations and deficiencies and break the nightly habit you experience a whole body and mind shift that eliminates challenges like: 
  • relying on wine for that boost of energy to get you through your at-home work day,
  • drowning out distracting or uncomfortable feelings by pouring another glass, or
  • ​wishing your 5 pm brain was as committed to your health goals as your 5 am brain.
We do this without judgement, embarrassment or leaving you feeling like you might slide back into old habits again!

“Your program is the ‘MISSING LINK’ in recovery from alcohol use disorder that other programs don’t include.”

 〜 Sally, New York, USA

Are you ready to find out if The Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ online program is the solution you`ve been looking for?

If so, apply and schedule your free consultation today! In just one session you'll know with confidence how our approach will work for you.

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