Stress Resilience One Day Meal Plan to Reduce Stress Drinking

Hello! I'm Angelina
I’m a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Recovery Facilitator, Owner and CEO of Angelina Pennell Nutrition and founder of The Anchored Abstinence Recipe™ online holistic nutrition and lifestyle program.

I’ve spent over a decade devouring scientific research on nutrition and the biochemistry of alcohol use disorder. Bringing together the neuroscience of alcohol dependency, functional nutrition and individual biochemistry; I developed a proven method that offers women an alternative approach to ending their nightly routine of wine or cocktails they can implement in the privacy of their kitchens.

Today I give goal-motivated women the tools to discover what biochemical imbalances are compromising their ability to sustain their abstinence. With this insight and the right tools, my clients maintain their resilience against the cycle of wine or cocktails and enjoy a life free from the allure of wine or cocktials without ever missing a drop.
Food Lover — Research Hound — Habit Hacker
My philosophy and approach to unmasking the true biochemical culprits behind the nightly wine or cocktails prove that lasting abstinence never relies on "willpower"!
Register for my upcoming free Masterclass and discover the The Neurochemistry of the Nightly Wine and the nutritional approach to help you break the pattern!
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